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Great Escape, Del Boy & Madness (the band)

Let me entertain you (2) Following a recent successful trip to the local cinema with an older man in his 80s, who has no children, this got me thinking about ...
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Stressed carer

Carers – we need (to retain) you!

It’s a numbers game – The ‘Economics’ of Care If we listen to the media and all the noise surrounding #BREXIT we would think economics is all about that 6 letter word, ...
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Caring male

Why so few men?

In a week where there has been loads of commentary about the Gillette ad campaign focusing on the behaviours of some men, I ask the question, why is more than ...
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We need more ‘Stan & Ollie’ activities for older men

January silliness January – a time to be low or a time to ‘play and have fun’, and ‘be silly’? You may have noticed that a new film is out ...
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Scrooge was actually a lonely older man

Not 'Bah Humbug' What is loneliness – seems a straightforward question for most people, actually it’s probably not as clear cut as people think? Some of you, maybe, are thinking actually it’s ...
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Pub asset transfer

‘Asset’ transfer for older men

On my weekly brisk walk I come across a boarded up pub, well it wasn’t just a pub, one of these many social clubs that often attracted men to connect, ...
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