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Winter 2020 – clients getting out

Winter 2020 is proving to be very difficult for all of us, especially those that live alone and are unable to form a bubble. The latest news makes it more ...
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Older Men enjoy outdoors

Late Summer enjoyment for our Men, but what’s next for them?

Once we restarted activity in the Summer our men couldn’t wait to get out and they wanted us to share the images that captured them enjoying the sun in Country ...
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Rugby Mates

Missing mates – a client’s perspective

Rugby. When I was younger, during the summer months, I really missed it. I missed walking into the changing room to be met with the heady scent of tiger balm ...
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Return to normality

Return to normality (sort of!)

This week CM2M was able to resume its 1-2-1 support service for Men 55+. This has come as a great relief to us, but more for the Men themselves. We had ...
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Its just not cricket (as we know it!)

Last month our blog focused on the return to live sport, on TV, and the importance of this to many older men. July has come and gone, and August is ...
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Sport is back

Sport is back!

Live football is back! Not in the way we fully recognise. I don’t have a sports TV subscription which means that like many older men I often rely on the trusty ...
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