Its just not cricket (as we know it!)

Last month our blog focused on the return to live sport, on TV, and the importance of this to many older men. July has come and gone, and August is seeing a return to cricket and a trial of some spectators at County games. We could see the importance of the game to men like Captain Sir Tom Moore who opened the highlights of the recent test match series, with his England Cap worn proudly. However, as we can see the return to full normality, with COVID-19 still prevalent and having increases in certain localities, still proves difficult especially in allowing audiences back into grounds.

The local lockdown areas have also been a challenge for many local players. One group who could go a whole summer not playing or watching is older men who love the game, and from April to Sep it provides a much needed outlet, somewhere to go and socialization they may not otherwise get. For some they may still actively play well into their 70s. 

As we approach the autumn, has this left men more lonely and isolated as they’ve been unable to get their summer cricket fix?

If you know someone where this may be case contact us to see how we can help?

Picture courtesy of jrmphotos/Fleckney Village Cricket club