Late Summer enjoyment for our Men, but what’s next for them?

Once we restarted activity in the Summer our men couldn’t wait to get out and they wanted us to share the images that captured them enjoying the sun in Country Parks, and other local green spaces, whilst enjoying a hot chocolate and treat. They stretched their legs and watched local wildlife which for some brought back important memories of spending time with loved ones. The positive mental health impact was felt by our clients and buddies alike got out and enjoyed the late Summer sunshine.

This has continued on into October as there is no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing, so we’ve continued to support them to get out and not be staring at the same four walls. It’s difficult with pubs and social clubs closed, and we wonder how many will reopen when allowed. We will however enjoy green spaces when allowed to and will make the most of the time we have with them. We want to continue to support our clients as much as possible over the winter months and will, of course, adhere to the latest health advice and guidance issued by the Government in relation to COVID19. If you know an older man who prefers to be outdoors and wants some positive male company we can support this through our buddies and maximise the best of the winter days. Make sure they’re wrapped up and we’ll do the rest.