Missing mates – a client’s perspective

Rugby. When I was younger, during the summer months, I really missed it. I missed walking into the changing room to be met with the heady scent of tiger balm and deepheat. I missed the post match too the big bath, the sweet tea, the beers, the food (even if it was some strange pasta concoction). Most of all though I missed the contact. My muscles ached because they weren’t get the the impact of slamming into a tackle or a ruck, my legs and shoulders were missing the pressure of the scrum, and my hands missed the anticipation of catching the ball hurtling towards you, praying you didn’t “knock it on”.

Most of all I missed my mates, the camaraderie, the jokes, the joshing, the mickey taking and the heartfelt chats when things weren’t going great, either on or off the pitch.

As sport gets back to normal please help us to #endloneliness. Contact us today at cm2m.co.uk and see what you can do.