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Caring for a man

Why the focus on older men?

Men and Women  Some of you may have, when visiting this website and looked at it, thought why does CM2M focus solely on men 55+ who are either lonely or ...
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What’s it like being a carer? My story – Chris Hill

New role I was tempted to call this blog ‘I’m a carer get me out of here!’ but thought actually there are many positives to being a carer, but I won’t lie sometimes you ...
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How Volunteering can help build an ethical business

Many of us volunteer for many different reasons, a passion to support a cause that is close to our heart, something that may have affected our own family, a local ...
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Why do Men, especially over 55, feel reluctant to admit being lonely?

Last week a study from the Office for National Statistics said that young adults are more likely to feel lonely than older age groups. Researchers suggest that older people might ...
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