Sport is back!

Live football is back! Not in the way we fully recognise. I don’t have a sports TV subscription which means that like many older men I often rely on the trusty wireless, the radio to younger folk. It not only provides me with running commentary on the featured match but latest transfer news, fan opinion and scores from around the grounds. 

Though I live in Leicestershire I’m not an avid fan of any particular team, what I find I missed the most during lockdown is the general hubbub of football, the noise of sport providing a background track to my weekend. I appreciate this so much more now it’s back… would I have had the same appreciation had it never been away? I honestly don’t think so. 

What other sounds provide a background track to our lives? For those lonely and isolated very little. Is there something we can do to bring a background track back into someones life? Be it the sound of leather on willow, the business of a town centre, the birds singing and fish biting or the chinking of glasses and laughter? At CM2M we can turn up the volume on someones life. Help us to #endloneliness 

Ways you can help CM2M 

Do you know men 55+ who are isolated for periods of time and would like to take advantage of our  buddy scheme? Do know men of any age who would like to become a buddy? Contact us now