Meet Tom

Tom was CM2M’s first client and in many ways highlights the needs of men similar to Tom, and how CM2M is able to meet both his needs and his carers. Tom, in his mid 80s can only be described as a bloke’s bloke (or man’s man). Other than his sisters his interaction has always been with other Men, working in a mainly male environment, going to the pub/club, putting a little bet on and his interest in sport. He’s never married nor does he have any children, and lives on his own. 


In recent years Tom has become more frail but can still get out and about for a pint or a little bet. However, his sister (carer) has her own health issues and other than being a sibling has no common interests. Many of his old friends are either no longer around or in poor health themselves. Tom requested a buddy from CM2M to keep him company down the pub. This has been going on now for 18 months and ensures he remains independent and can still enjoy a pint and a laugh. We have even managed to go with him to the Cinema to watch Stan & Ollie, last time he went was back in the 60s! 

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