We need more ‘Stan & Ollie’ activities for older men

January silliness

January – a time to be low or a time to ‘play and have fun’, and ‘be silly’? You may have noticed that a new film is out @ the Cinema looking at the specific time period in the lives of #stanandollie. Looking at reviews it focuses on specific aspects of the comedy gods that we all probably didn’t realise was going on. I want to focus on the fact they made a great living on having fun and being silly, which millions of people, including myself as a child have fond memories of. Would they be so successful now, two men, on mainstream TV making us howl with laughter just being silly? No ‘reality TV’ for them, which is what the current TV mainstream seem to use to ‘entertain us’? My Uncle, in his 80s watches none of it but talks to me about some of the greats, in the main men. So I’m afraid Ant & Dec just don’t cut it with most older men!

Let me entertain you!

There are two important aspects here, firstly older men having fun and being silly, and what ‘entertainment’ makes them laugh from the current and recent era. How does this relate to the growing epidemic of loneliness and isolation in older men? By the way I am writing this in a pub on a Monday early PM, in Jan, and the majority of people in here are older men. I get the feeling some men are worried that being silly and having fun you need a social media account, we need to end this myth. They perceive it may not be ‘politically correct’ when in fact the majority of people will see nothing wrong in it, so they may shy away from ‘having fun’.

Improved entertainment ‘infrastructure’

Is the TV entertainment world the same? For eg I just searched for films @ the local Cinema in the special promotion aimed @ over-55s, and no films showing, given ‘Stan & Ollie’ is on, could they have done something for older men? They may have been concerned about being inclusive? We need to think differently about the needs of older men in many aspects including ‘entertainment & fun’ otherwise #loneliness in this group will just keep rising. Maybe pubs could show films of the comedy greats, from a place where older men already feel comfortable.

Contact Chris Hill, CM2M, to see how we can help an older man you know have fun.